Business Incubator

    The Communication and Technology Transfer Centre also acts as a business incubator. The following companies are currently based and operating in the incubator:

    MB ,,Agronomas“ Activities include generating and discussing new research ideas and planning and organising experimental development.
    Mindaugo Šimonio ir partnerių advokatų kontora

    Šimonis & Partners provides legal services specialising in civil and commercial law, administrative law, environmental law, territorial planning, environmental impact assessment, forestry, land and agriculture, construction, food, energy, competition law, corporate law, and other areas of business, private and public law.
    KAPVIA – Kanapių augintojų, perdirbėjų ir verslo inovatorių asociacija

    KAPVIA – brings together hemp growers, processors and business innovators, mobilising fibre growers to work together to develop high value-added hemp products and provide business advisory services.
    UAB ,,Biofarmacijos tyrimų laboratorija,,

    Our aim is to develop magnesium and calcium mineral supplements. The products will be innovative because for the first time in Lithuania, minerals extracted and separated from water in Lithuania will be used in the production of powdered mineral supplements. The newly developed magnesium and calcium citrate prototypes will allow new, innovative and high quality products to be offered to the market.
    Giedrės Sliesoriūnienės individuali veikla

    ,,Žalia banga“

    Prototypes and production of functional foods.
    Astos Teresevičienės individuali veikla

    ,,Dream food“

    Developer and manufacturer of Raw Fruit and Berry Dried Pulp technology.More than 20 products have been developed thanks to this nutritionally preserving technology, with a unique texture and no added sugars or colours.The company improves its production technology and carries out qualitative research on products.