IP recommendations

  • The results of research and experimental development often become value-adding intellectual property;
  • Intellectual property rights are enshrined in various legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Adequate protection and enforcement of intellectual property is a prerequisite for the successful creation and commercialisation of intellectual property;
  • Vytautas Magnus University strives to protect the results of the creative process of its employees and to effectively enforce intellectual property rights.


  • Preparation for negotiations with business is an essential stage of a successful meeting. One of the most important parts of this stage is the conclusion of a confidentiality agreement. We recommend that this agreement is agreed and signed before the date of the meeting. It is also important to note that the protection of confidential information depends on how detailed the information to be treated as confidential is. In this respect, we recommend that you assess before the meeting what confidential information will be disclosed during the meeting and clearly state the confidentiality of this information. Nevertheless, we recommend that you disclose as little information about your intellectual property as possible.
  • Like any other property, intellectual property can generate income. In this context, we recommend that you contact the Communication and Technology Transfer Specialists not only for assistance on IP protection issues, but also on the commercialisation of your existing IP, patent evaluation and strategy issues.
  • Relationships with businesses must be based on contracts. When signing contracts for activities in which a creative process leading to intellectual property is likely to be part of the contract (e.g. service contracts, research contracts, joint operating agreements, etc.), it is necessary to establish the arrangements for sharing intellectual property in such contracts.
  • Not all technologies have sufficient commercial potential and therefore not all technologies are worth patenting. We always recommend that the developed technology is evaluated, a competitive environment analysis is carried out and other relevant activities are carried out before patenting procedures are undertaken.
  • We always recommend that you consult our Communication and Technology Transfer Specialists for any questions you may have regarding intellectual property.