For business

    Vytautas Magnus University is forming the cradle of interdisciplinary innovations that offer breakthroughs and sustainable solutions. Both researchers and an extensive network of partners allow them to feel the real needs of the market and focus research and experimental development on long-term and adaptable results. The range of services provided by Vytautas Magnus University is extremely wide: laboratory infrastructure has been completed, where various types of research can be performed, expert potential has been developed, competencies have been developed in developing international and national projects, R&D services for economic entities and close cross-sectoral cooperation are actively provided. However, in order to provide the highest quality services and help everyone interested to find both scientists and partners in a targeted way, and to form clear proposals, VMU Communication and Technology Transfer Center has been established to ensure the cooperation of science and economic entities.

    The aim of the VMU Communication and Technology Transfer Center is to ensure smooth and high-quality implementation of research and experimental development orders, to promote cross-sectoral cooperation by developing innovative solutions. VMU CTTC executes the dissemination and ensures installation of the innovations, technology transfer and commercialization. Main services:

    • Preparation of proposals for research and experimental development services
    • Technology transfer
    • Preparation of the project
    • Protection of intellectual property
    • Communication and public relations
    • Expert consultations