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Success stories

2023 03 07

Vytautas Magnus University is a constant companion to the success story of implementing R & D & I activities. Results are crucial in cross-sectoral cooperation as thy can then synergistically change established environments, bring commercialized results to light. Therefore, several examples ...

Innovation at VMU

2023 03 07

The development of innovations is a constantly changing process at Vytautas Magnus University. Currently, most innovations are developed in five groups: biotechnology, agricultural technology, digital technology, engineering technology, educational innovation. Biotechnologies: multistage digestate c...

About CTTC

2023 03 07

Vytautas Magnus University is forming the cradle of interdisciplinary innovations that offer breakthroughs and sustainable solutions. Both researchers and an extensive network of partners allow them to feel the real needs of the market and focus research and experimental development on long-term and...